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Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your reservation for airport transfers, charters, and various tickets, you will be charged a cancellation fee according to the following regulations*.
*Regulations may vary depending on the service. Please contact us if you have any questions.

1. Airport Service
If you cancel within 24 hours of the service time: You will be charged 100% of the cancellation fee.

2. Charter Service (3 hours or longer)
If you cancel within 48 hours of the service time: You will be charged 100% of the cancellation fee.

3. Airline Tickets and Hotel Reservations
We will charge the cancellation fee as per the cancellation policy of the TZELL TRAVEL GROUP or affiliated travel company.

4. Other Tickets
You will be charged 100% of the cancellation fee after the ticket has been issued.

Terms & Conditions

Waiting Time:

We provides 40 minutes for domestic and 60 minutes for international flights based on the reported flight arrival time for airport pickups only.
A 10 minute grace period is granted for all other pickups. After the grace period ends the charges will accrue from the original pick up time.We monitors all domestic and international flights before the driver is dispatched.


If longer stops or multiple stops are made you will be billed stop charges. Picking up additional passengers will also incur stop charges.


All tolls are based on a round trip to and from the designated destination and are added onto the reservation after it has been created.

Meet & Greet:

The driver will be instructed to meet the passenger by the inside or outside the terminal with a sign that has passenger’s  last name on it. The driver will then escort the passenger to the vehicle (Assisting with the luggage).


We are not responsible for damage to luggage or the contents in the luggage.


All parking fees and other airport regulatory fees are additional.

Baby or Child Seats:

We provides one for an additional cost of $25 per seat (please let us know  in advance that you will need a baby or child seat when you place your reservation).

Rates for Early Morning , Late Night, Holiday Season :

We may be subject to additional charges during peak times, such as holiday seasons, early morning or late night hours. The exact amount of these charges will be communicated to you prior to your booking and will be included in your final bill. By booking our limousine service, you agree to pay these additional charges if they apply.

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